Welcome | Mabuhay

Our mission is to educate our family and friends residing here in the U.S. about our Filipino martial arts heritage as well as share our arts with the rest of the world. We invite everyone to learn this authentic Filipino martial art which emphasizes discipline, respect, loyalty, self control and perseverance through hard work. Yaw-Yan is both illusive and explosive which is why it is considered to be one of the Philippines' most deadly martial arts.

Our Classes

Whether you are new to martial arts and want to learn self defense, trying to improve your physical fitness or a seasoned fighter who wants to add more arsenal to your striking game Yaw-Yan is for you. Our instructors are experienced fighters who come from the main Yaw-Yan training camps in the Philippines and will provide you with authentic Yaw-Yan training methods and techniques. We have classes for all levels and ages. Our instructors will tailor your lesson based on your level and will ensure a safe and healthy learning environment. They also provide professional one-on-one private training for students with special needs or seasoned fighters preparing for an upcoming fight.

"In these times of guns and knives
I travel this world nothing in my hands.
If anyone comes to molest,
And evil begins to dominate,
GOD is my only shield,
Faith is my guide,
Honor is my wealth,
Truth is my fortune,
And YAW-YAN is my weapon."